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Let the Number One Market Leader in the Area Promote Your Abercrombie Real Estate

Our Abercrombie real estate agents provide top-quality services and are trailblazers regarding customer confidence and satisfaction. Speak to us if you want to sell or lease quickly.

What You Should Know About Our Real Estate Agents in Abercrombie

Our agents stay up-to-date with national trends and provide the service style that the residents of this area require.

  • You’ll see that our signs dominate when you drive around looking for an Abercrombie property. We’ve proven ourselves to be the top performers in the real estate market over the past 20 years, which is why sellers want our 100 percent locally owned and operated company to market their properties.
  • We’re known for rapidly replacing “for sale” signs with “sold” signs. Our independent company has become a household name in the region, and we employ 19 well-informed, experienced, and passionate agents who grasp the region’s market activities and have in-depth knowledge of the district.
  • Our sales team is known for its approachability, sincerity, reliability, and frank communication style. Our sales team leader has more than 25 years’ experience, excellent local market knowledge, and his crew attains positive outcomes for buyers and sellers.

We inject money into our community via sponsorships and business purchases because supporting the inhabitants and ventures in our native environment is of the utmost importance to us.

Tips Regarding Listing Your Rental Property in Abercrombie

First, we appraise your property and the features it presents with − in comparison with others in the area − to establish what rental income you can expect for the office space, house, townhouse, apartment, or commercial property you wish to let.

  • We inform you of any problems that require attention so that the building will meet the required standards. It’s the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the property is fit to live in, reasonably clean, in a good state of repair and conforms to health and safety regulations. We sign an agent’s agreement when the concerns are resolved and start advertising and marketing your asset to prospective tenants.
  • Our property management team has in-depth knowledge of all property management aspects and looks after our landlords and tenants exceptionally well. We habitually exceed expectations.
  • We undertake routine inspections every four to six months. We will notify you and arrange for a day on which the assessment will occur to check on the general care being taken of your property, any maintenance issues or other concerns, and make sure that the landlord and tenant are both happy.

We can advise you on what requires repair before you rent out your property so you can take care of all requirements.

Why You Should Use Bathurst Real Estate

Our agents will assist you to ascertain whether the building is structurally sound, has sufficient artificial or natural light and ventilation. We also ensure that it’s supplied with enough gas or electricity for heating, running appliances, and lighting, and provides suitable drainage, plumbing, water connections, and sanitation facilities.

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