Say Goodbye To Your Old Home And Hello To The New

Moving home can be extremely distressing, as can settling into your new abode – so ease the transition by saying a proper goodbye.

This means more than forwarding your mail and registering with your new council, but rather focusing on the memories both the old and the new. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Get snap happy

Documenting your old house before you’ve packed up all your stuff not only captures your home in its true state but will also give you a snapshot of your life in that exact moment. If you have kids, make sure you capture them in the photos too so that when you’re all older you can look back together fondly.

2. It’s party time

Invite your closest friends and family and host a goodbye party. Don’t worry about the moving boxes or the mess just have some music playing, some paper plates and a BBQ.

3. Be a tourist

When you’ve lived somewhere for so long you often avoid the official tours and local tourist traps. But now with departure on the horizon visit all the major destinations and see how your city/town presents itself compared to how you’ve come to know it. Who knows you may even learn something knew.

Hello to the new

1. Spruce it up

When your first open the door to your new place, you’ll immediately be hit by the fact nothing looks, feels or smells the same. So start things out on the right foot by cleaning the cupboards, counters and floors, opening the windows, lighting some candles and adding a bouquet of flowers. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this makes.

2. Make your mark

You don’t have to go into full renovation mode but make sure your home is personal to you. Try painting the walls, hanging new curtains or adding some art. It doesn’t matter what you do along as it makes the new place feel like you and your family.

3. House-warming

Invite your friends, family and even your new neighbours to a house-warming bash. It’s not about the stuff you get but rather the memories you make, so feel free to include a no gifts request on your invite.

Most of all it’s important to remember that moving home is the mark of an exciting new chapter in your life. Hold onto your past memories, but live in the moment and move into the future with acceptance, happiness and enthusiasm.

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