We say deal with a legal expert you feel comfortable with.

Bathurst has many great legal experts in the conveyancing field. The decision you make when buying an selling is important, it’s not just about who is the cheapest.

A local solicitor provides you ease of access, allowing the opportunity to meet to discuss your buying and selling issues face-to-face.



When you list your home for sale you will be required to choose a solicitor / conveyancer.

Your solicitor / conveyancer must arrange a contract, in full, before we, as your agent are allowed to market your home or investment property for sale.



When you purchase a property you will need the services of a solicitor / conveyancer to guide you through the buying process. It is important that the legal specialist you choose is well versed in conveyancing.

Your conveyancing expert is there to explain what is in the contract, guide you through requirements such as: getting a pest and building inspection done, ensuring your finance has unconditional approval; looking out for and advising on any issue that could arise.

Because we sell property in Bathurst we feel using a local solicitor or conveyancer is one of the best ways to go when purchasing. It is important that your legal expert has an understanding of the area you are buying in.