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Do You Need to Sell Your House and Land in Bathurst Without A Glitch?

At Bathurst Real Estate, our professional, friendly team makes sure that all your transactions in selling, buying or leasing any house and land in Bathurst is a smooth and profitable deal. For decades our family has been serving the local community with a range of real estate solutions and our award-winning services. We can help you to make the rent or sale of your commercial or residential property, a profitable return on investment.

Problems Bathurst Real Estate Addresses

Do you want to transform your real estate into a once-off cash investment, or do you prefer to have a stable and secure passive monthly income from it? We can assist with either selling your property at a market-related price to show some decent returns on your investment or help you to put a promising and lucrative lease agreement in place.

  • As a trusted name in the local real estate industry, we are reliable when it comes to selling your house or land. We take care of both residential and commercial real estate and will find you the perfect buyer in no time at all.
  • Need to lease out your real estate investment? We offer a comprehensive rental service, which includes rental appraisals and a complete maintenance request platform to take care of any maintenance concerns.
  • Are you ready to invest in property? We can help you find the perfect home or commercial property for your needs. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with all our auction dates.

We care for your needs and requirements like a family should when you want to buy, sell or lease any house or land in Bathurst.

Trends About Bathurst Real Estate You Should Know

Our family is your support team when you want to deal in real estate.

  • Our roots in the local industry date as far back as 1975. But it was in 2004 when the family came together and in 2012, we changed our name.
  • During our successful history, we’ve earned numerous awards as our proficient and friendly service received national recognition. Our comprehensive care coupled with a supportive yet professional approach delivers fast sales every time. You can rely on our team for exceptional care as no effort is ever too much for customer satisfaction.
  • We are an independent business and a family proud of our region, and we believe our contribution to the community we live in and serve is at the core of our success.

Why You Should Use Bathurst Real Estate

You can rely on friendly and efficient services when you are in the market to purchase a house or land. We operate from a strong platform and a wealth of knowledge and skill in selling and leasing property in the local market. We serve the entire Bathurst region from Laffing Waters and Raglan to Eglington and West Bathurst and anything in between.

Our family is ready to assist you with your real estate needs and concerns. Speak to us, we’ve got you covered.