Janelle Manders

Senior Property Management

Little About Me

Janelle is one of our longest standing and most valued staff members. Her wealth of knowledge and tireless dedication to help not only our customers but all other staff as well is one of Janelle’s biggest assets.

She began working in Real Estate in May 1997 in the role of reception but quickly progressed to Property Management and currently holds the position of senior asset manager of our Property Management team.

As an agency we pride ourselves in giving 110% in all we do. Janelle will often make personal sacrifices and go above and beyond in order to ensure our customers investments are managed well.

Although property management is definitely a challenge at times Janelle always takes this in her stride and does what is required to achieve the best possible result. Being a local girl another one of Janelle’s assets is her knowledge of the Bathurst community and its residents – it is truly amazing and extremely useful in her role.

In her spare time Janelle enjoys spending time with her family in particular her grandchildren.