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Whether you’re selling, buying or leasing a property in Raglan, you require the services of a knowledgeable real estate agent to assist with the process. If you decide to go it alone, you could end up missing various aspects of real estate that should benefit you in the deal. Bathurst Real Estate is a team of super-agents that simplify the process for all parties and check all the required boxes of your sale.

Tips for Selling Your Raglan Property

Several decisions confront you during the process, and many factors can drag the process and make it laborious. When you have a reputable agent by your side, you have access to their understanding and all the technicalities to make the process transparent.

  • As a homeowner, there may be defects around the property that you’re comfortable living with every day. However, once you’ve decided to sell, you have to address specific issues to ensure you receive maximum return on your investment. Chipped and peeling paint or faded finishes aren’t appealing and significantly reduce the value of the property. A professional agent provides advice on what to leave, repair or overhaul.
  • There is no better ambassador for your property than yourself. Sure, a real estate agent knows their craft and can provide details about a house, but you’ve been living in it, you’re in the best seat to sell your home. You should be present when walking potential buyers through your home and provide them with insight from the perspective of an occupant.
  • If you’ve decided to sell, you have to remain committed to following through with the process. The process includes making the property available for viewing at various times that suit potential buyers. It may seem inconvenient on your part but the more accommodating you are, especially in the first month after you place the property on the market, the more interest you generate.

Common Mistakes People Make Selling Their Raglan Property

Being on either side of a property deal is stressful. It has the potential to go wrong in so many ways, and it often does when people commit these mistakes.

  • When showcasing your property, especially on social media, be sure to include as many photos as possible. In the digital era we’re living in, buyers love to see as much of the property to catch their attention; therefore, failing to upload a plethora of images is a disservice.
  • A huge error most homeowners make is setting an unrealistic price. A real estate agent will do a comparable market analysis to ensure your selling price is ideal and fair.
  • Failing to hire a real estate agent is to your detriment. Agents act on your behalf and have your interests at heart whenever they’re negotiating. They assist with toning down the emotional element and eliminate time-wasters who are just looking at properties.

About Bathurst Real Estate

We’ve been operating for 16 years but our experience goes far beyond 45 years in Raglan. We know real estate, and with our qualifications and training, you can rely on us to be in your corner during the sale of your house.

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