In order to successfully achieve the highest possible market worth of your property, the most critical factor apart from appointing the correct agent is to present the home in such a manner that it creates positive interest.

By presenting the property at it is best at all times, enables purchases to relate and interact with the ambiance of a tidy much loved home, and one that is inviting rather than discouraging.

Some simple steps outlined below may help:

  • Ensure that access to the home by pathways, be trimmed of tress, gardens pruned, shrubs cut back to show size and lawns mowed.
  • De-clutter all unnecessary furniture, toys or nick-knacks around the home, allowing free movement inside by purchasers
  • Run a paintbrush around door jams, walls or peeling ceilings where required
  • Do handy work such as remove broken or cracked glass, clean carpets, free sticky doors and windows and patch damp walls or cracks
  • If you have pets, it is important to eliminate all pet odours, bowls or hair inside the home

At this point it is important to get an unbiased opinion as to the presentation, best obtained from family and friends or an outside opinion. On the other hand your property is vacant – we recommend just general up keep of gardens and lawns.