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We keep these detailed records of genuine buyers. One of these buyers may be perfect for your property.

List Exclusively

  • The more agents you employ the greater your changes of getting a lower price.
  • Do not place your property for sale with several agents. You may think this will increase your chance of finding a buyer, but it decreases your chance of getting the highest price. All of those agents will be in a hurry to sell your property before someone else sells it. The sale will be most important. The price will be forgotten.
  • Buyers shop around. they will use the agent who can obtain your property for the lowest price. When you see one property with several agent, call them all and ask this question: “What is the lowest price I can get this for?” You will most likely be told different prices.
  • The saying goes that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
  • It is hard enough when buyers shop around for properties, but do you also want them shopping around for the weakest agent too?